A search engine for cancer patients

Artificial intelligence works to drive the CuriaTM app. After registering, patients are guided through a questionnaire. They are asked about the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer, their age and gender. According to the company, this information is stored anonymously on German servers in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and deleted on request.

CuriaTM then plays back not only approved but also non-approved forms of therapy. This means, for example, clinical trials that have not yet been completed or are still in progress. Users can also register for a clinical trial directly in the app.

“… It is still very difficult to apply for clinical trials via the traditional route,” says Chiara Thanner, head of CuriaTM. Because often clinical studies are not only difficult to find, but also written in technical jargon and the mediation then lies solely with the doctor.”

Originally published in Handelsblatt by Britta Rybicki. Read the full article here.