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CURIATM seeks to empower cancer patients and their families with information to steer their cancer journey.

The mental health of those living with cancer is fragile, read about CURIA’sTM cancer twin is helping

In a country where cancer is the second biggest cause of mortalities among non-communicable diseases, clinical trials are much wanted

“The aim of CuriaTM and IncontraDonna is to encourage an active and conscious involvement of the patient in the treatment journey and in the decisions that affect them.”

“I found the name of a treatment I’m doing, of an expert I know, and I can see which clinical trials are active, depending on the proximity to where I live.”


Cancer patients in India and Switzerland can now join the community of 70,000 empowered patients

CURIATM… offers cancer patients the possibility of accessing accurate and individually structured information thanks to a questionnaire on their clinical history.

Launch of new app in Italy which empowers cancer patients to identify their treatment

There is a great lack of transparency in the area of ​​cancer, you feel completely powerless.

Find out more about how the idea for CuriaTM came about from Innoplexus technology.

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