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AI app empowers cancer patients with correct information, connects researchers

For many cancer patients and their families, the questions that take centre stage after their diagnosis and subsequent line of treatment are: ‘What are the treatment options available’, ‘what clinical trials could one participate in’ and ‘who are the experts for a particular cancer type’.

To have access to personalised answers to such questions, CURIATM, an application-based platform, seeks to empower cancer patients and their families with information to steer their cancer journey.

The application is built over the OncoCoin platform, which uses AI technology to search 95 per cent of the internet for updates to registries, drug approval sites, and clinical trial databases. Patients registered with the application answer a questionnaire about their cancer type, stage and demographics. Then they receive information about treatments, clinical trials and experts tailored to their oncological profile. The information is also constantly reviewed by a team of experts before it is provided to the patient. Physicians can have a broad overview of available clinical trials for their patient with inclusion and exclusion criteria. Together with their patients, they can submit applications for clinical trials, making the process easier.

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